Online Teaching Resources and Survey

Dear College of Engineering Faculty,

We’ve been receiving many messages about how to best convert classes to remote learning platforms.

The University put together an excellent resource that will answer many of your questions:

Additionally, the College has an online teaching resource.

There is more information below about specific steps the College is taking to quickly enable you to get online. 

Of course, if you have additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us directly.

Stay Healthy,

Mary-Ann Mycek, Associate Dean, Graduate & Professional Education
Joanna Millunchick, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education

Additionally, the College needs to assess the faculty’s most urgent needs for teaching remotely. Please complete this very brief survey by Friday, March 13. After we collect the survey results, we will provide more information about any additional resources or support to help you for the remainder of the term.

The College is going to turn on lecture recording for all courses in CoE classrooms starting Monday, March 16.

To make this as straightforward as possible, CAEN will enable lecture recordings in the classrooms and configure them to be available to view as soon as they are processed. For courses that have Canvas sites, CAEN will also automatically make the lecture recordings available there as well.

For courses that are not using Canvas, students can access the recordings at Please add that link to any online course sites you have or share it with students in class.

If you would like to edit or modify your recording, you can do so at the lecture capture management site. Tips and suggestions for improving the classroom recordings quality are available here.

CAEN and Nexus staff are currently available to help you get started and to answer your questions. Contact for any questions you have about instructional technology and arranging consultations about teaching strategies, help with Canvas, and tools for teaching remotely. Members of both teams will be onsite today and Friday to answer questions.

We also want you to be aware of the following additional resources that can help you to begin teaching remotely on Monday.

  • Visit the College’s Central site to obtain detailed information and view tutorials to help you with teaching remotely. The site is your Resource Guide for Remote Teaching and covers how to get started, the use of technology and tools, getting help, and frequently asked questions.
  • CAEN and Nexus staff are offering drop-in consultations on Friday, 10AM – 4PM, Saturday, 11AM-2PM and Sunday, 2PM-5PM in Chrysler Center Room 151 for those of you who may want to come and work with someone on something that is giving you problems.