Last Updated: August 27, 2020

Wave 3 of Research Re-engagement began the week of June 15, with the remaining College research labs opening. Details of the re-engagement can be found on the Office of Research’s website.

Laboratory Access

The U-M Office of Research has authorized faculty to bring newly appointed graduate students and sponsored affiliates under current contractual obligations into labs. 

This change allows labs to onboard students who recently joined the group as well as affiliates who are under contract. 

Screening App

Complete the ResponsiBLUE screening check before entering any U-M building.

Training & Guidance

Research Labs Training: Working Safely in U-M Research Areas

Guidance: Close Proximity Research

Request permission to do field work: CoE Field Research form

The following people are authorized to use the labs:

  • Researchers already authorized through the summer ramp-up process
  • Returning graduate students and postdocs who have been part of the lab team in previous terms
  • Seniors who already have experience working with the same research team
  • Newly hired graduate students and / or postdocs
  • Sponsored affiliates who require access to the labs to fulfill contracted research

Ongoing Occupancy Requirements

  • Lab capacity per the COVID guidelines and the lab standard operating procedure can accommodate additional personnel using the shifts currently established.
  • Faculty must follow the established process for adding personnel.
    •  They must work with their Unit Administrators
    •  Unit Administrators will work with the ADR team to finalize personnel additions

Visit the U-M Research Re-engagement website for more information

For more information about building access, see Facilities.