Planning for Fall 2021

March 23, 2021

In Engineering, we anticipate that the College will largely return to in-person instruction during the Fall 2021 term. As you plan your courses, keep in mind:

  • In general, courses that were in-person during the Fall 2019 term should return to in-person for the Fall 2021 term.
  • Whether or not a specific course or section will be offered remotely will be dictated by safety, pedagogy, and classroom availability.
  • Instructors of in-person classes will not be expected to provide parallel remote instruction sections.

More details: CoE Planning for Fall 2021 Courses

Tools & Resources

Teaching engineers remotely comes with its own unique challenges. You don’t have to go it alone. See our Recommended Tools or work with one of the college’s units that specialize in supporting engineering education

Classrooms & Studios

Nexus Studios

Nexus will set up a pre-recording meeting to make sure your session meets your needs.


Work with your department schedulers to set up a CAEN self-service studio or classroom. Recording available on request.

Course Planning

Nexus has tools and consultants to help you think differently about course design, pedagogical practices and alternative methods in an engineering context.


Events & Workshops

Nexus offers professional development and help with :

  • Tools and technologies
  • Hybrid courses
  • Lecture courses
  • Design courses

Additional University Support

Other units around the University offer their own recommendations for teaching remotely, and can be useful references for College of Engineering faculty: