Start Planning Now for Fall Term

The Fall 2020 term will present a number of challenges for both faculty and students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Issues such as physical distancing, travel restrictions, illness, and quarantine will mean it is unlikely we will be functioning at “normal” operations in the Fall. 

Because of this, the College of Engineering will focus on delivering preeminent engineering education in a manner that is robust to changing circumstances. All of our instructors must be prepared for a hybrid of online/remote and in-person teaching during Fall 2020. 

New: Hybrid Teaching Tools

We’ve vetted some options for handling course setup, content, activities, engagement and more. You’ll find what’s best so far on the new Recommended Tools page.

Academic excellence – in any context

We recommend that you adopt a flexible, high-quality hybrid pedagogy that combines online and, as permitted, in-person components. Some key features would include:

  • All course materials must be available online
  • Participating online must hold the same weight as participating in-person for students. 
  • Instructors should provide students every opportunity for experiential and hands-on learning, while maintaining a safe environment. 
  • All technology needs and expectations for courses must be clearly communicated well in advance of the beginning of the term.

Because participants can be either online or in-person, course design will require careful consideration of course context. Workshops will be offered to discuss and plan for how a hybrid pedagogy could be applied to various types of courses, including large lecture courses, small-to-medium lecture courses, lab courses, and design courses (Capstone and ENG100). 

Course Planning Help

You don’t have to figure it out alone. Nexus, CAEN and CRLT-Engin have teamed up to help you design high quality remote and hybrid courses – created for engineers, by engineers. If you’re looking for more, check out the Center for Academic Innovation’s online guides and modules.

Nexus Teaching Resources

Tools to help you think differently about course design, pedagogical practices and alternative methods in an engineering context.

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Online Guides

Step-by-step guides on course design, communication and content, available to the university community through Academic Innovation.

employer and student shaking hands
One on One Consulting

Engineering-focused planning and guidance to help you leverage online learning for lectures, labs, design & project classes and more.

Events & Workshops

  • Professional Development workshops to help you successfully manage:
    • Tools and technologies
    • Hybrid laboratory courses
    • Large or small-to-medium lecture courses
    • Design courses
  • Virtual Symposium on Engineering Teaching and Learning (ETL): The Symposium runs May 18 through May 29 and consists of 1-3 drop-in sessions daily ranging from 30 – 90 minutes on topics curated based on faculty questions and needs.


Additional University Support

Other units around the University offer their own recommendations for teaching remotely, and can be useful references for College of Engineering faculty: