Updated: Oct 20, 2020


On Oct. 20, the University announced that a preventative 14-day stay-in-place order for U-M undergraduate students was issued, requiring them to remain in their current designated residences. The University took additional steps to ensure campus safety and provide options for faculty and students. Read more

Supporting student well-being

Students are feeling stressed and concerned about their progress in classes at unprecedented rates, and it’s never been more important to help them access mental health resources. Please practice extra patience and empathy, and be mindful of your responses to student challenges. The Engineering C.A.R.E Center has compiled a rubric for supporting students  with sample language and resources to help you navigate stressful situations with students in need.

Tips & tools: The Keep Teaching resource developed by Academic Innovation can help you:

  • Keep students motivated
  • Foster social connections
  • Connect those who are struggling to the resources they need

Self care: Remember to take care of yourself so you can help others.

Worried about a student?

If you’re concerned that a student may need help managing illness or quarantine, direct them to If You Get Sick where they’ll find help with:

If a student in your class has a roommate who’s sick

See Maize and Blueprint guidelines

Classrooms and Studios for Recording

For the Fall, the College has created several self-service studios to go along with the full service Nexus studios

For scheduling the self-service studios or classrooms, please work with your departmental schedulers.  Also remember that you need to request that the lecture be recorded in the room, it is not set up automatically.

If you would like to request recording in a Nexus studio, please complete the recording request form.

If you need support planning your courses for online and hybrid delivery, please request an individualized instructional consultation.

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Building Access

Training Modules

See Facilities for details about what’s open and when.

Course Planning Help

You don’t have to figure it out alone. Nexus, CAEN and CRLT-Engin have teamed up to help you design high quality remote and hybrid courses – created for engineers, by engineers. If you’re looking for more, check out the Center for Academic Innovation’s online guides and modules.

Nexus Teaching Resources

Tools to help you think differently about course design, pedagogical practices and alternative methods in an engineering context.

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Online Guides

Step-by-step guides on course design, communication and content, available to the university community through Academic Innovation.

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One on One Consulting

Engineering-focused planning and guidance for Fall 2020, including online course planning, assessment design, technology recommendations, and more.

Events & Workshops

  • Professional Development workshops to help you successfully manage:
    • Tools and technologies
    • Hybrid laboratory courses
    • Large or small-to-medium lecture courses
    • Design courses


Additional University Support

Other units around the University offer their own recommendations for teaching remotely, and can be useful references for College of Engineering faculty: