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Employment & General Operations

Is there any possibility of mandatory furloughs, RIFs or layoffs? If so, how will these decisions be made, and will they be made at the College or Department level?
We absolutely want to avoid those outcomes at all levels and are managing resources as prudently as possible in order to avoid them. (Updated 6/18/2020)

Michigan Medicine announced that it will suspend the employer retirement match. Are our retirement benefits at risk of being cut?
This is a possible measure that could be used to preserve jobs, but there’s no way to know if this drastic action will be necessary until we know our fall enrollment numbers. The University could make a campus-wide decision. (Updated 6/18/2020)

How will I-9 forms be completed?
All I9’s are being completed at the Shared Services Center. (Updated 7/31/2020)

What should we do about mail delivery?
All USPS mail for the college will be forwarded to the Lurie Engineering Center and will be sorted by department. Contact Scott Campbell to coordinate a contactless exchange. If you’ve previously contacted the USPS to stop delivery you can either wait for the stop request to expire or contact the Stadium Avenue USPS branch to resume delivery. (Updated 5/19/2020)

Which short code has our unit mapped to the COVID program code? If the department does not have one, which ones are eligible?
There is not a central department shortcode for COVID  for faculty and labs to use as described in the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects communication. Each school/college has a different process but the University has requested that all COVID related expenses are tracked under the COVID program code.  If you want to open a shortcode under your Research Incentive or some other discretionary account using the COVID program code, please contact your unit administrator to discuss. There is no guarantee that the COVID expenses will be covered by the College of Engineering or the University. (Updated 7/31/2020)

Should I continue to work remotely?
See the Health & People page. (Updated 7/31/2020)

How often will surfaces in College of Engineering buildings be cleaned?
See Facilities page. (Updated 7/31/2020)

How does COVID-19 pay work and who’s eligible?
Check the University Human Resources website, the COVID-19 policy chart, or ask your supervisor for guidance. (Updated 3/19/2020)

Health & Safety

How is the College approaching the safety of students, faculty and staff as we return to operations? 
See: Campus Operations. (Updated 6/18/2020)

If a person who is in a building is diagnosed with COVID-19, what will happen to the staff working in that building?
We’re working on how to respond to this type of situation, with guidance from the University. Check the Campus Maize & BluePrint for the latest information. (Updated 3/19/2020)

I’m stressed about the COVID-19. What resources are available?
Please see the Self-Care page and the Coping page. (Updated 7/31/2020)

What should I do if I’m sick?
Employees should refer to the instructions on the Health & People page. 
If you are a student and you suspect you may have COVID-19, please contact your healthcare provider or University Health Services (734-764-8320) to consult with someone about your symptoms and determine next steps for your care. Connect with your instructors and let them know. You can also schedule a meeting with the C.A.R.E. Center to help navigate your illness and academics. (updated 7/31/2020)

Research Operations

How will labs be prioritized for re-opening?
See: Research Re-engagement. (Updated 6/18/2020)

Can my research group have access to my on-campus lab to maintain equipment and/or experiments?
Those who have already been approved for COVID19 research or access for safety or mission-critical activities may continue to have access, but they will have to follow additional guidelines and protocols. For details on building access for research, see the Office of Research website and Campus Operations on this site. (Updated 5/19/2020)

Teaching & Learning

Is it a requirement that large classes be fully remote, or will departments be able to develop strategies for teaching large classes in a fashion that satisfies social-distancing limits?  
For more see Lectures. Design and Lab courses will be prioritized for in-person meetings. (updated 5/27/2020)

I need to adjust my schedule. When can I do that?
See the Academics section. (Updated 7/31/20)

How were decisions made about online/in-person classes?
See the Academics section. (Updated 7/31/20)

How will the College ensure inclusive online instruction?
See Planning and Resources for Teaching Fall 2020 Term. (Updated 6/18/2020)

Where can students go if they are uncomfortable with requirements or rules imposed by their professors?
Students are encouraged to attend the ADUE office hours or OSA’s Office hours to express their concerns. In addition, the Office of the Ombuds (umstudentsombuds@umich.edu) is still available to help students discuss these issues. The C.A.R.E. Office can also provide assistance: https://care.engin.umich.edu/ (updated 6/5/2020)

How can we encourage students to build virtual communities on platforms like Slack, while also maintaining the Honor Code?
The Honor Code remains in effect virtually, just as it did in person. Classes are welcome to make Slack channels, but as before cheating is not permitted. As before, students are trusted to identify situations that they are concerned about and to self-police. As part of this, the owner of the communications channel is welcome to send out a message reminding everyone that they are still under the Honor Code. When in doubt, contact George Sprague, Assistant Director of Retention and Academic Support Services at wsprague@umich.edu for clarification. (updated 6/5/2020)

What’s being done to keep people from cheating on exams?
Michigan Engineering students are bound by the Honor Code even off campus. Instructors are also encouraged to reconsider the format and delivery of exams and quizzes in a virtual context. (Updated 4/10/2020)

Teaching Resources

Is there a way to collect all of the various types of recordings in Canvas? Right now all the options link to Canvas in different ways.
See Recommended Tools. (updated 6/5/2020)

Will the room-scheduling system be able to accommodate changes in the teaching schedule if we try to split large classes into smaller sections?  Will we be able to expand our capacity for in person teaching by opening up evening and week-end sections?
We are currently modeling the various scenarios. Our current priority is to place Design and Lab courses into classrooms for in person meetings.   (updated 6/5/2020)

Can additional support or training sessions be made available for key software tools.
There’s a list of trainings available via ITS and CAEN.  If you would like training in a software tool that isn’t listed, please contact coe-remote-teaching@umich.edu.  (updated 6/5/2020)

What are the expectations for fall with regard to online or in-person teaching?
See Teaching and Campus Operations for the College’s current plans. (updated 7/31/2020)

Can I come into my office or classroom if I have bad Internet connectivity, and cannot readily work remotely to record and/or deliver lectures?
The State executive order currently states that work that can be done remotely, must be done remotely.  The University of Michigan is adhering to this law, allowing for some activities that can only be performed on campus.  With this in mind, faculty and staff are permitted to use their offices temporarily for mission-critical activities only. Please see the Teaching section for specific guidance and resources on access to facilities to prepare for Fall curriculum. (Updated 7/31/2020)

Are there resources available to help me plan for teaching hybrid classes, conducting exams remotely, holding office hours, etc.
See Recommended Tools. (updated 7/31/2020)

Food and Transportation

Are Mujo’s, Blue Market, etc. open?
No, until further notice, The Duderstadt Center and Pierpont Commons have been closed, this includes Mujo’s and Blue Market. (updated 6/5/2020)

Will blue busses continue to operate? Is it safe to use public transportation?
Logistics, Transportation and Parking is operating on a modified schedule; you’ll need to use the rear doors to get on and off the bus. (Updated 3/25/2020)

Can we park wherever we want?
Parking enforcement resumed July 1. For the most up to date information about parking visit Logistics, Transportation & Parking. (Updated 7/31/2020)


Where can I find the latest University of Michigan information and resources on COVID-19?
University of Michigan Campus Maize and Blueprint site. (Updated 7/31/2020)

How many cases are there at the University of Michigan or Washtenaw County? Where can I find out what’s happening locally?
The University will be creating a dashboard of cases prior to the Fall 2020 semester. Stay tuned. For Washtenaw County health numbers, please visit the Washtenaw County Health Department COVID-19 information. (Updated 7/31/2020)

How will the College respond to social stigma, racism, and xenophobia related to COVID-19?
You should report concerns about campus climate to the Dean of Students. We are also exploring ways to continue our DEI efforts in the College through further education, virtual programming, and any other methods. (updated 6/5/2020)

I have invited an external speaker. How can they present remotely?
BlueJeans is an easy-to-use, cloud-based conferencing service at the University that offers audio, video, and screen sharing. It is open to all U-M faculty and staff, and when necessary the connection information for a BlueJeans meeting can be shared with external users. (Updated 7/31/2020)