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What does the Winter Term 2021 Plan mean for me?

Testing: Testing capacity will be increased, with mandatory weekly testing for undergraduates who live on campus or attend in-person classes or activities, perform research, use facilities or work on campus.

Instruction: The current approach to instruction will continue, with more courses offered remotely where possible, while still maintaining other formats when needed.

Housing: Undergraduate students who don’t need to live in residence halls should remain at their permanent residences for the semester to reduce density in U-M residence halls.

Work: For graduate students or engineering faculty and staff, the plan does not include operational changes.

Enforcement: A strict, no-tolerance approach to enforcing COVID-19-related policies will be taken.

Mental Health: Expanded services for mental health, scheduled “well-being breaks” and campus recreational sports facilities will be available to the U-M community. (Updated 10/6/20)

Employment & General Operations

Is there any possibility of mandatory furloughs, RIFs or layoffs? If so, how will these decisions be made, and will they be made at the College or Department level?
We absolutely want to avoid those outcomes at all levels and are managing resources as prudently as possible in order to avoid them. (Updated 6/18/2020)

How will I-9 forms be completed?
All I9’s are being completed at the Shared Services Center. (Updated 7/31/2020)

How does COVID-19 pay work and who’s eligible?
Check the University Human Resources website, the COVID-19 policy chart, or ask your supervisor for guidance. (Updated 3/19/2020)

Health & Safety

Where do I sign up to get a vaccine?
Fill out the BlueQueue Questionnaire (Updated Jan. 4, 2021)

What should I do if I’m sick?
If you become ill with symptoms concerning for COVID-19 or test positive, you should contact your medical provider and isolate. Faculty and staff should contact their supervisor, and alert the Occupational Health Services hotline by calling 734-764-8021. Students should connect with their instructors, and call University Health Services (734-764-8320).  Additional information about reporting and academic accommodations can be found at If You Get Sick. (updated 9/1/2020)

What do I do if I hear a roommate of a student in my classroom tested positive?
Please see the Campus Maize & Blueprint FAQ for information on COVID-19 in the classroom. (Updated Sept 25, 2020)

How is contact tracing handled at the University?
Please see the Campus Maize & Blueprint FAQ for information on how testing and contact tracing is being handled at the University, why contact tracing is important, and what case investigation is. (Updated 8/31/2020)

If a person who is in a building is diagnosed with COVID-19, what will happen to the staff working in that building?
U-M’s Environment, Health and Safety department will continue to work closely with local public health officials to perform case investigation and contact tracing for students, faculty and staff as has occurred throughout the pandemic. Check the Campus Maize & BluePrint FAQ for the latest information. (Updated 8/25/2020)

Teaching & Learning

Where can students go if they are uncomfortable with requirements or rules imposed by their professors?
Students are encouraged to attend the ADUE office hours or OSA’s Office hours to express their concerns. In addition, the Office of the Ombuds (umstudentsombuds@umich.edu) is still available to help students discuss these issues. The C.A.R.E. Office can also provide assistance: https://care.engin.umich.edu/ (updated 7/11/2020)

How can we encourage students to build virtual communities on platforms like Slack, while also maintaining the Honor Code?
The Honor Code remains in effect virtually, just as it did in person. Classes are welcome to make Slack channels, but as before cheating is not permitted. As before, students are trusted to identify situations that they are concerned about and to self-police. As part of this, the owner of the communications channel is welcome to send out a message reminding everyone that they are still under the Honor Code. When in doubt, contact George Sprague, Assistant Director of Retention and Academic Support Services at wsprague@umich.edu for clarification. (updated 6/5/2020)

What’s being done to keep people from cheating on exams?
Michigan Engineering students are bound by the Honor Code even off campus. Instructors are also encouraged to reconsider the format and delivery of exams and quizzes in a virtual context. (Updated 4/10/2020)

Teaching Resources

Should I say something specific on my syllabus?
Nexus has resources to help you design your syllabus, including a recommended COVID-19 statement. (Updated 1/7/2021)

Can I come into my office or classroom if I have bad Internet connectivity, and cannot readily work remotely to record and/or deliver lectures?
The State executive order currently states that work that can be done remotely, must be done remotely.  The University of Michigan is adhering to this law, allowing for some activities that can only be performed on campus.  With this in mind, faculty and staff are permitted to use their offices temporarily for mission-critical activities only. (Updated 1/7/2021)

Food, Events and Travel

Are Mujo’s, Blue Market, etc. open?
Most, but not all,  stores and dining options at Pierpont are closed until further notice. To see what’s open, check University Unions for the latest info. (updated 1/7/2021)

Will blue busses continue to operate? Is it safe to use public transportation?
Logistics, Transportation and Parking has made changes to the bus system. (Updated 8/25/2020)

Can I host an event on campus?
Events are subject to current restrictions in place by the State of Michigan, Washtenaw County and City of Ann Arbor. See the University’s Maize and Blueprint FAQ for the latest information. (Updated 1/7/2021)

Are there any restrictions on travel?
Please see the Campus Maize and Blueprint website for information on restrictions for students or employees following travel, using University funds for travel, and traveling for University purposes. Undergraduate Study Abroad programs have been suspended for the winter 2021 semester. (Updated 10/2/2020)