Recommended Tools

Tools for Hybrid Pedagogy

Bookmark this page for the latest recommended tools for hybrid teaching. As options change and evolve, we’ll post them here. If you think there is a capability or tool that should be considered for this list, please contact


Course Setup and Structure

Course Management
Turnkey Solution: Canvas
Customizable Option: Canvas + Course Website
  • Canvas should be a landing point for all courses, and can then can link to an external website(s) with more course info
  • Instructors should try to keep as much info centralized in Canvas, when possible
  • Students request that, at a minimum, the following Canvas tools be used:

Course Content, Activities & Assessment

Discussion Forum
Turnkey Solution: Canvas Discussions
  • Native to Canvas
  • Individual group discussions can be set up with their own board and collaboration tools
  • Online Resources:
Customizable Option: Piazza
Turnkey Solution: Canvas SpeedGrader
Customizable Option: Gradescope
  • Accommodates multiple graders
  • Better support for formulas and free text
  • AI based grouping of like answers
  • Allows for grading rubric updates that automatically update all assignments
Quizzes & Exams
Turnkey Solution: Canvas Quizzes
  • Has various question formats (multiple choice, true/false, essay, etc.)
  • Randomized question banks
  • Online Resources:
In-Classroom Recording Video
Turnkey Solution: CAEN Lecture Capture
  • Available in all CoE classrooms
  • Allows for side by side video of the front of the room and projected material
  • Automatically posts lectures to Canvas
  • Allows basic editing (trimming beginning and end)
  • NOTE: Cannot stream content in real-time
  • Online Resources:
Customizable Option: Zoom
Synchronous Home Recording Video
Turnkey Solutions
  • Supports synchronous streaming and recording
  • Supports 300 remote participants
  • Record and download sessions (stored online for 30 days)
  • Various integrated features (polling, whiteboard, breakout groups)
  • Does NOT include post-editing of videos
  • Online Resources:
Asynchronous Home Recording Video
Turnkey Solution: Kaltura Capture
Customizable Option: Camtasia

Engagement & Interactivity

Office Hours
Turnkey Solution: U-M Remote Office Hours Queue
Customizable Option: Zoom Breakout Rooms
  • Can have group office hours or one on one 
  • Can use breakout rooms for different topics, or one-on-one meetings
  • Various integrated features (polling, whiteboard)
  • Online Resources:
Team Management Tools
Turnkey Solution: Canvas Groups
Customizable Option: CATME
  • Provides a means for creating teams based on criteria such as sex, prior experience, schedule compatability
  • Provides mechanisms for students to give and receive feedback
  • Online Resources:
Peer Reviews
Turnkey Solution: Canvas – M-Write Peer Reviews
Customizable Options
  • Integrates in Canvas
  • Integrates in Canvas
  • Ability to create teams based on gender, prior experience, schedule compatibility
  • Provides mechanisms for students to give and receive feedback
  • Online Resources:
Group Breakout in Class
Turnkey Solution: Zoom Breakout Rooms
Digital Whiteboards
Turnkey Solution: Zoom Whiteboard
Customizable Option: Jamboard
Turnkey Solution: Zoom Polling
Customizable Option: iClicker Cloud
Closed Captioning
Turnkey Solution: Google Slides Captions
  • Automatic closed captioning available in presentation mode
  • Doesn’t meet ADA requirements for accuracy without post-lecture editing
  • Online Resources:
Customizable Option: Zoom Closed Captioning
  • Requires host to assign an attendee to add closed captioning in the Zoom meeting
  • Includes ability to add a third party service to add captions
  • Online Resources: