Registration for F21 information

As you begin registering for classes, we know you have many questions about the Fall 21 semester. The College is working hard to make sure that Fall 21 will be a safe and largely in person semester. As with any challenge, we are approaching Fall 21 planning as engineers: examining the problem, gathering and analyzing the data, and creating an evidence-based solution. Our planning process is ongoing, but we wanted to provide an update on our current strategy and timeline, as well as share answers to some of your questions:   

  • Are classes really going to be in person?
    We fully anticipate that the vast majority of courses will be taught in person, and all courses are currently listed on Wolverine Pathways as in person. Once final decisions are made about FA 21 classes, you will be able to make necessary adjustments to your schedule and the instruction mode of courses will be added to the CoE Course Guide for student convenience.

  • What if I can’t attend in person?
    The College is developing policies to accommodate students who cannot attend courses in person for a limited number of reasons (e.g., travel restrictions, medical exemptions, etc.). These policies will be published in the coming months. In the meantime, please register for your courses assuming that you will be attending in person to secure your seat. If you have concerns, please make sure your advisor is aware of them. 

  • Do I need to get vaccinated? 
    The University has not announced that the vaccine will be required to attend in the fall. In the interest of public health, all students should plan to get the vaccine for COVID-19 as soon as permitted and continue to follow pandemic protocols. Per CDC guidelines, masking in public places and good hygiene practices will likely continue into the fall for everyone. However, unvaccinated students, faculty, and staff will likely need to follow more stringent procedures, which will be published in the coming months.

We know that uncertainty can be unsettling, and many of you would like answers as soon as possible. But getting the right answer takes time; the pandemic is ongoing and the situation is constantly evolving. We are committed to a safe, inclusive learning environment, and our policies will be based on data. 

We welcome your questions, comments, and concerns, which you can share either filling out this anonymous form or attending my office hours.   

 Take care and be safe.