Last Updated: 9 a.m. on July 27, 2020

Excellence in Any Context

Equipped with the very best guidance and ideas from our leading scholars, innovative students and expert staff – including many of you here in Engineering – we will welcome students to the Ann Arbor campus, classrooms and residence halls this fall. Full details are available in the University’s Maize & Blueprint website.

Fall semester will, of course, look and feel very different due to the challenges of COVID-19.

Training Modules

Research Labs: Working Safely in U-M Research Areas

Staff Training: Working Safely at U-M

Within Engineering, we will be asking that each person join in prudent health and safety actions that will embody our values – and a commitment to caring for one another. We must consider issues of inclusivity and safety while at the same time providing excellent customer service for our faculty, staff and students.

Return to Engineering On-Campus Operations

The College of Engineering is in Phase One of its return to on-campus operations. Departments, divisions and units are currently working to develop their re-entry plans to determine which staff will need to have a presence on campus for Phase Two.