Students impacted by proposed Homeland Security Policy


Earlier this week, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a preliminary announcement about online study eligibility for international students for the fall 2020 semester. The University of Michigan has issued a statement expressing its strong disagreement with this temporary policy, as have we at the College of Engineering. The University’s government relations Continue Reading »

Engineering faculty preparation for an in-residence Fall semester


Monday, you heard the announcement from President Mark S. Schlissel regarding a public health-informed in-residence semester this fall. This means we will welcome students to the Ann Arbor campus, classrooms and residence halls for a mixture of in-person and remote instruction. 

This news confirms our need to design high-quality, flexible options for our students. Continue Reading »

Successful Re-engagement of Research

Team Michigan Engineering:

Last week, we joined the University in safely re-engaging research and scholarship in accordance with state regulations within the College of Engineering. This effort involved a complicated organization of personnel, training, COVID-19 safety procedures, and new guidelines for entering buildings.

As a pilot, there was plenty of room for confusion and mistakes. Continue Reading »

Stressbusters Call for Volunteers

Dear CoE Community,

As Dean Gallimore shared on Monday, we have had dozens of volunteers step up to join our first “Victory Garden” projects – volunteering to do work not usually in their job duties to serve areas of high need, or donating blood to serve the common good.  

At this time, we are in Continue Reading »