Winter 2020: a term to remember

Greetings, Team Michigan Engineering:

The end of the semester is upon us – although it hardly feels like it. There are no graduates in regalia taking pictures with parents, no bubbling Lurie fountain, and no students sleeping in the Dude between study sessions.

This end of the semester may feel uneventful. 

But it is far from that. In fact, this semester’s end may mark one of the most eventful in our College’s history. We are living in a world that faces rapid change and uncertainty, and it has required nothing short of a dramatic conversion of our typical academic and research endeavors. The message delivered by President Schlissel yesterday confirms that there are financial implications of this pandemic that we are bound to feel for some time to come.

I know you may be nervous, and understandably so. The unknowns remain too great –  here at Michigan, in the community and around the globe. But we cannot allow fear to deter us from our commitment to each other and to serving the common good. If there’s one thing I know about Michigan Engineering, it’s that our sum is great because of our parts. Because of you. All of you. 

Your resilience and determination. Your ingenuity and innovation. Your great compassion and empathy. I have been amazed by all the work that’s been done here. And I want to thank you for it. Again and again. In fact, I filmed this short video so I could share my thanks “face to face.”

This may be the end of the semester, with winter classes ramping down. But I have no doubt that our efforts will only become more critical as the months unfold. I have every faith that we remain up for the challenge. And I’ll be right there….alongside you.

Be safe and be well,