Engin Update: Research Re-engagement Wave Two on the Horizon

The College of Engineering is launching a weekly update, which aims to provide transparent and frequent information about how the College is operating, adapting and caring for its community. Updated information can always be found at the College’s COVID website. Questions and feedback can be submitted here.


Phase One of the College’s return to on-campus operations began May 26 with the pilot wave of additional, non-COVID bench labs opening in the EECS and GGB buildings. Additional training and safety precautions were implemented in conjunction with the pilot, and have been successfully adopted. Wave 2 of research labs, which will include 13 additional buildings, is slated to begin June 8.

Information about the research re-engagement restrictions, limitations, expectations and future waves can be found on the Office of Research’s website



Beginning May 26, College buildings became restricted to any individuals not approved for mission-critical activities or research. On June 1, all individuals with approval were asked to have completed their COVID safety training in My Linc, and begin using the same entry.

Those with approved building access must follow all protocols, which includes swiping into buildings with their Mcard. It is essential for us to maintain access to buildings, with each individual swiping them. Please do not hold open doors or bring others into the building with you. As new buildings open, greeters from departments, divisions and units will be assigned at each building’s entry point.



Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced Monday that she has rescinded the Stay Home, Stay Safe order for all parts of our state, and we are transitioning to the “Improving” phase of the MI Safe Start Plan. However, as President Schlissel indicated in his message earlier this week, much of what we are doing on our campuses will not change. At the College, we remain in Phase One, with no change to our operations. All operations not associated with research re-engagement or previously identified mission-critical activities should be conducted remotely until further notice. 



Approximately 600 students from across the University formed 131 teams for the COVID-19 Campus Challenge. The brainchild of two engineering students, the challenge was led by Engineering and Student Life as a call to provide student input and develop creative solutions for a public health-informed fall semester with as much in-person instruction as possible. Solutions are due June 10. Projects in the Showcase have the potential to be implemented into the Ann Arbor Campus. Participants will also have opportunities to provide feedback to U-M administrators post-Challenge. 



During these times, it’s even more crucial for us to actively check in on our emotional wellbeing and use tools to manage the stressors and challenges we are facing. The College, in collaboration with the University, launched an online platform for mental health support services in May through Silvercloud. Available to all faculty, staff, and students, Silvercloud is confidential and offers programs for anxiety, depression, stress, resilience, or insomnia at no cost. Sign up anonymously at https://umich.silvercloudhealth.com/signup.