Classes canceled Thursday and Friday; Moving to Remote Delivery

Dear Students:

This afternoon, President Schlissel announced new measures based on public health principles and the latest information and assessments for our community. While most University operations will remain unchanged, we are taking a number of steps to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. These include canceling events with more than 100 participants, suspending or altering study abroad programs, and suspending most University travel.

Most important for students: All classes are canceled tomorrow and Friday. Classes will resume Monday (March 16) delivered remotely in alternative formats – and not meeting in person – through April 21, the last day of classes this semester.

Our primary concern in the College is the health and safety of our community – which includes each and every student. We are committed to supporting you through these uncertain times. We know the uncertainty is stressful, and we will work to get you answers as quickly as we possibly can.

First, students who can leave campus are free to do so. We expect that many students will want to leave campus and return to their permanent residence for the remainder of the term. We encourage you to consider this option, as it will support the social distancing being recommended by public health experts.

However, we know that not everyone is in a position to leave. For students who remain on campus, Michigan Dining and U-M Housing will remain operational. The University is working to make changes to minimize risk for students in dining halls.

Please know that I, and the entire College faculty and staff, are committed to helping you navigate this situation and complete your academic requirements.

Remote education presents different challenges for both you and your instructors, and it will be critical that you proactively participate in all available opportunities for learning, and pursue any and all available avenues for support. Reach out to your professors for help, and take advantage of any resources they make available. You are not in this situation alone.

Please continue good health practices, including social distancing, particularly if you are exhibiting symptoms of illness. Follow the health, wellness and prevention guidelines provided by the University, updated regularly with information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization.

  • If you believe you may be sick or are concerned for your health, please contact a healthcare provider. U-M students and other UHS patients may call UHS at 734-764-8320, day or night.
  • If you have academic or housing concerns, contact the Dean of Students office at 734-764-7420 or to discuss your situation.
  • Additional support can be found through our Engineering C.A.R.E Center and Office of Student Affairs

For some of you who have to change your plans to travel for study or research, I know this is a disappointment. We are working through the status of international internships and other programs. For those of you participating in research projects, please work directly with your faculty advisors to continue practicing safe research.

I encourage all of us to support one another through this situation with compassion and patience. Please take good care of yourselves and of those around you.

Be well,
Dean Gallimore