Spring/Summer 2020 Course Options

Course registration is now open for Spring/Summer 2020. In the interest of keeping our community safe amidst COVID-19 concerns, all University of Michigan courses will be online for this term. You can register for courses through Wolverine Access. Please note that ISD Online Non-candidate for Degree (NCFD) and Degree students should register through Nexus.

Key Dates

Last day to process initial register without incurring late registration fee: May 4, 2020
Spring half and Spring/Summer term classes begin: May 5, 2020
Spring half term ends: June 26, 2020
Summer half term classes begin: July 1, 2020
Summer half and Spring/Summer terms end: August 21, 2020

Available Courses


Course Term Offered
AEROSP 315: Aircraft and Spacecraft Structures  Spring/Summer
AEROSP 325: Aerodynamics Spring/Summer
AEROSP 335: Aircraft and Spacecraft Propulsion Spring/Summer
AEROSP 343: Spacecraft Dynamics Spring/Summer
AUTO 501: Integrated Vehicle Systems Design Spring/Summer
BIOMEDE 211: Circuits and Systems for Biomedical Engineering Spring
BIOMEDE 221: Biophysical Chemistry and Thermodynamics Spring
BIOMEDE 231: Introduction to Biomechanics Spring
CHE 696: Selected Topics in Chemical Engineering Spring/Summer
CLIMATE 102: Extreme Weather  Spring 
CLIMATE 105: Our Changing Atmosphere  Spring 
CLIMATE 498 / SPACE 498: Practicum in Climate and Space Science Summer
EECS 203: Discrete Mathematics Spring 
EECS 280: Programming and Introductory Data Structures Spring
EECS 281: Data Structures and Algorithms Spring
EECS 301: Probability Methods in Engineering Spring
EECS 320: Introduction to Semiconductor Devices Spring
EECS 351: Introduction to Digital Signal Processing Spring 
EECS 370: Introduction to Computer Organization Spring
EECS 376: Foundations of Computer Science Spring 
EECS 441: Mobile App Development for Entrepreneurs Spring 
EECS 481: Software Engineering Spring
EECS 482: Introduction to Operating Systems Spring/Summer
EECS 484: Database Management Systems Spring
EECS 485: Web Systems Summer 
EECS 487: Interactive Computer Graphics  TBD
EECS 495: Projects for the Greater Good Spring/Summer
EECS 497: Human-Centered Software and Design and Development Spring
EECS 498: Special Topics Spring/Summer 
ENGR 350: International Laboratory Experience for Engineers Spring
ENGR 490/599: Special Topics in Engineering Spring
ENGR 490/599: Introduction to Socially Engaged Design Spring
ENGR 495: Projects for the Greater Good  Spring/Summer 
ENTR 411: Entrepreneurship Practicum Spring 
ENTR 599: Special Topics for Entrepreneurship Spring
ISD 520: Introduction to Systems Engineering Spring/Summer
ISD 599: Special Topics in ISD  Spring/Summer
MATSCIE 250: Principles of Engineering Materials Spring
MECHENG 235: Thermodynamics I Spring
MECHENG 240: Introduction to Dynamics and Vibrations Spring
MECHENG 452: Design for Manufacturability Spring 
MECHENG 483: Manufacturing Systems Design Spring 
MECHENG 571: Energy Generation and Storage Using Modern Materials Spring/Summer
SPACE 590: Space Systems Projects Spring/Summer
ENGR495/EECS 495: Projects for the Greater Good

The purpose of the course is to form multi-disciplinary teams to create broad-range solutions and strategies to the current health crisis.  Emphasis is on team-based development of large, complex, systems using established process and development methodology. Systems will incorporate state-of-the-art technology for dealing with COVID-19. Real world projects will be proposed, often in partnership with University of Michigan Health Systems, to address some solution or approach.