Remote Work

Last Updated: 11 a.m. on May 17, 2020

Should I be working remotely?

If you can, yes.

The College of Engineering is initiating Phase One of its return to on-campus operations, beginning after May 20. This includes research re-engagement.

If you are unable to work remotely, or can only work remotely part-time, contact your supervisor to determine the most appropriate way to complete your timecard. The University Human Resources website has more information, including information about COVID-19 pay.

Restricted Building Access

After May 20, everyone who comes onto campus must now follow new guidelines and safety protocols. Staff, students or faculty members will not be allowed into College buildings without express prior approval and documentation. Those who have already been approved for research re-engagement, COVID19 research or access for safety or mission-critical activities may continue to have access, but they will have to follow additional guidelines and protocols.

A description of the process we will use for those seeking temporary permission to enter campus buildings will be forthcoming. If you need to gain access, please speak with your supervisor to initiate the process.

Those entering a building, must:

  • Have an active, unexpired M-Card for exterior doors, and keys to access interior working spaces
  • Check in and out at the prescribed entrance/exit
  • Wear a mask. If you don’t have a mask yet or don’t like the one you’re currently using, check the CDC’s guide to homemade face coverings
  • Follow all safety and health protocols, including social distancing and health attestations

Purchasing and Orders

No equipment purchased from a grant or purchase order can be delivered to a non-University address.

For purchases of supplies needed to do your work remotely using a Pcard, please talk to your supervisors.

All U.S.Postal Service mail for the college will be forwarded to the Lurie Engineering Center and will be sorted by department. Contact Scott Campbell to coordinate a contactless exchange. If you’ve previously contacted the USPS to stop delivery you can either wait for the stop request to expire or contact the Stadium Avenue USPS branch to resume delivery.

You can also stop mail delivery. U-M Mail Services can hold campus mail until the university returns to normal operations. The U.S Postal Service has requested that U-M units complete this form to stop delivery of their USPS mail.

Additional Campus Resources