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Remote Exams

We suggest that you move away from high stakes, closed book, timed, and scheduled examinations towards alternative assessment strategies. The obvious alternative would be to offer students untimed, open book, open note exams, though there are many other options for assessments that provide students opportunities to demonstrate original thought, reflection, and application of concepts. 

Recommended Tools

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Tips and Guides

Canvas Quizzes/LockDown Browser

Canvas Quizzes, when used in combination with Respondus LockDown Browser will prevent students from opening other sites on the same computer, or copying/pasting from other applications. It will also provide features that facilitate administering timed exams, release and closing dates, and section-specific exams.

In addition to multiple choice, fill-in-blank and other common question types, Canvas Quizzes offer an Essay question option where students can type, and embed images or audio/video in the text response field. A File Upload question option for attaching files is also available. You can then set correct or partially correct answers on many question types, which can mean less work grading the completed tests.

Help getting started:

Online Student Polling with iClicker Cloud

iClicker Cloud video demonstration (7:39)

The iClicker Cloud student engagement system is available at no cost to College faculty who are moving their courses online. Faculty instructors should review the video demonstration to see if it is right for their course, and request iClicker Cloud access if needed.