Student Organizations & Travel

Campus Involvement COVID Updates

Events/Gatherings and Travel

  • All on-campus and off-campus, in person events are canceled at this time. 
  • In line with the CDC’s recommendation of reducing gatherings to groups that are 10 individuals or smaller, the College asks all student orgs to move meetings to a virtual medium to reduce risks. For more resources on how to do this, please visit the College of Engineering Student Org website.
  • College of Engineering classrooms will not be available for reservation for this semester and all current reservations are cancelled.
  • International travel for all College of Engineering Student Orgs is cancelled through August 2020. 
  • Domestic travel is strongly discouraged, including personal and organizational travel. Please contact Logistics, Transportation and Parking (LTP) with any fleet vehicle cancelations. LTP will still hold reservations for student organizations.
  •  Official University travel policies another frequently asked questions can be found on the University’s COVID-19 site.

Registration & Fests

• Re-registration has now opened for the 2020-21 Academica Year. If you have not received your CoE registration check-list, please reach out to to receive it. This checklist is critical to ensure you are in good standing with the College of the next academic year.
• Registration is now open for Northfest and Festifall, although due to the outbreak payment for the events has been delayed till September. To register for these events, please visit:

Student Org Spaces and Continuation

If a student org is interested in continuing to operate within the COVID-19 guidelines the College certainly supports it. Student organizations will be a critical resource in ensuring that students feel like they are still part of a community. The Office of Student Affairs is still available to meet with you to discuss these challenges, help you put together a plan, and develop strategies to keep your communities connected.

That being said, we do know that some students are overwhelmed at this time and will certainly understand if a group would like to go dormant for the semester. We simply ask that that let us know if possible (email and keep an eye out for registration for next year as this still needs to be completed for the organization to come back in the Fall. 

Will College/University resources (OSA, CCI, funding, etc.) be available for student organizations to execute planned initiatives?

If the initiative fits within the COVID-19 guidelines of the time then we would be happy to provide any support we can. Student organization support, resources, and advising remain available to you through OSACCI, and SOAS. Please reach out to Mariah Fiumara at to schedule a meeting or with any questions you may have.

The College has also compiled a list of various online resources that can help student orgs continue to work virtually during this time. Please visit the Student Org website to explore these resources.

Student Org funding that was provided for travel or events prior to the COVID-19 outbreak and have since been cancelled due to the virus, will be able to maintain all funding to help cover cancellation fees and student org needs during this time.