Health & Wellness

Updated Sept 2, 2020

Staying Healthy

Above all, maintaining your health is paramount. Prevention is the best medicine, so please follow all CDC guidelines around cleanliness and social distancing. 

If you are showing any symptoms of illness, including fever, cough or shortness of breath, please practice self-isolation and call your healthcare provider immediately. Students on campus can call University Health Services day or night.  Do not not use public transportation or arrive unannounced at UHS.

University Health Services 734-764-8320

Students that are practicing self-quarantine, or have roommates who are practicing self-quarantine, should contact the Dean of Students Office for assistance. 

Dean of Students 734-764-7420

What if I get sick?

We understand that you likely have concerns ranging from class accommodations to the potential costs of testing and treatment.

To learn more about the College’s relevant resources and policies, please see If You Get Sick.

Practicing Wellness

Your mental and physical health are interconnected, and we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to prioritize your mental health and overall well-being.  

CAPS “virtual front desk

If you find yourself in need of professional mental health support during this time CAPS Counseling and Psychological Services is working 100% remotely. To schedule an initial consultation appointment with Central CAPS staff, email the “virtual front desk” at

Non-urgent consultations: Email the College of Engineering Embedded Counselors to schedule an initial consultation appointment of a less urgent variety. 

More Health and Wellness Support

hEARt Listens – Student to Student Support: hEARt Listens is a group on campus that works to improve student mental health through peer support. They host a mental health support text line for UM students. All students have to do is text the hEARt Line at 734-292-8006, and within 48 hours, we connect them with a student peer supporter who has been trained in empathetic listening skills. The whole process is free, anonymous, and available to all U-M students. Please note that this is not an emergency service. If you are experiencing a crisis situation, please call 911. 

Michigan Engineering CARE Center