Grading FAQ

Last Updated: 8 a.m. on May 19, 2020

Spring/Summer 2020 classes are being graded per usual.

Winter 2020 Grading Policy Frequently Asked Questions

As announced by the Acting Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, due to the unique academic and personal challenges students are experiencing this term due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all undergraduate courses will transition to an alternative grading policy. Students will receive either “Pass,” or “No Record Covid” on their permanent transcripts.

This policy applies to Winter 2020 grades only.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding various scenarios impacted by this new policy:

  1. If I pass…
    • Will I receive credit towards degree requirements? Yes
    • Will a P appear on my transcript? Yes, unless you decide to convert to a letter grade
    • Will my GPA be affected? No
    • When a course lists a D as a passing grade, how do we handle with this new policy?
      • In this grading policy, a P is C- or above. Therefore, a D would receive a NRC, unless you chose to unmask.
  2. If I fail…
    • Will an F appear on my transcript? No
    • Will an NRC appear on my transcript? Yes
    • What is NRC? No Record Covid
    • Will my GPA be affected? No
  3. If I withdraw…
    • Can I still withdraw from a course? Yes, by April 21st
    • Will a W appear on my transcript if I withdraw by April 21st?
      • If you drop a course after March 10, 2020, the W grade will not appear on your official transcript. The W grade will appear on your unofficial transcript.
    • Will my GPA be affected? No
    • Can I re-add a class I withdrew from before this new grading announcement was made?
      • The drop/add deadline is April 21. Therefore, students who withdrew from a course may elect to re-add it using the usual drop/add process.
    • If I withdraw from the entire term, can I come back in the Fall? Yes
      • Students who withdraw from all courses by the last day of classes (by emailing requesting to withdraw from the term) will not need to sit out the next term. Students who withdraw after the last day of classes may need to petition for retroactive withdrawal on a case by case basis.
    • What appears on my transcript if I withdraw from the term?
      • W’s will still appear on your official transcript if you Withdraw.
  • If I want my letter grade to appear on my official transcript…You must request to unmask by July 1st. Go into your Student Center, then under Academics, click on View My Grades and the term (WN 2020). This will show each class you are enrolled in, an Official Grade Column and then an “Action” column, will have a “Request” rectangle that the student can click on to Request the conversion of an eligible class to a letter grade. It will take approximately 24 hours to process. This request can NOT be undone and you can NOT change your mind, it is final.
    • Will I be allowed to view my grade before the unmasking? Yes
    • Can I do this on a class by class basis? Yes
    • Will a letter grade appear on my transcript? Yes
    • Will my GPA be affected? Yes
    • Can I unmask an NRC? Yes, but it will affect your GPA

What if I decide to unmask a grade after the July 1 deadline?: If you want to convert a P/S/NRC grade after July 1, it must be done by exception through the school or college, and must have a legitimate academic reason (“I” or “Y” grade after the deadline, Study Abroad grade after the deadline, to meet degree requirements. Converting will not be done for GPA purposes after the deadline.). You should reach out in an email to the College of Engineering Registrar’s Office (, who will either approve or deny the request. Please use the following format:

*Subject: COVID Grade Conversion Exception for Winter 2020
*Body: The student has been informed that once this grade is converted, it cannot be reversed:
NAME: _______________________
UMID: ________________________
Course/Section: ________________

If approved, it will be forwarded to the University RO for processing.

  • What if I have a “I” or “Y” grade in Winter 2020 that goes beyond the July 1 deadline?
    • I or Y grades will automatically be converted to the P/NRC system. After the July 1 deadline, students will not be able to uncover the grade unless an exception is made. The exception process must be done through the College of Engineering Registrar.
  • How do P and NRC grades count for CSE declaration, prerequisites, and limits on attempts?
    • Each grade of P in Winter 2020 will be treated as an A for the purpose of fulfilling course prerequisites for EECS 281.
    • No attempts in Winter 2020 will count against the two-take limit for EECS 203, EECS 280, or EECS 281.
    • LSA students declaring into CS have a GPA requirement. Each grade of P received in Winter 2020 will be treated as an A for the purpose of declaring into CS-LSA.
  • What is the implication for P/NRC on satisfactory academic progress for Financial Aid?
    • The Office of Financial Aid has stated that it will be as flexible as possible regarding the satisfactory academic progress policy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact OFA with specific questions.
  • What happens if I’m on Probation?
    • Students on Probation I or II:
      • Who have an overall GPA over a 2.0 and pass all of their classes will return to good standing.
      • Who do not pass all of their classes will maintain their current scholastic standing for the Fall 2020 term.
    • Students on Probation III, Enrollment Withheld, or Facing Dismissal:
      • Will maintain their current scholastic standing for the Fall 2020 term.
      • Can make progress towards Good Standing on a case by case basis. Please contact the Scholastic Standing Committee by June 15, 2020.
  • How does this affect courses already being taken as Pass/Fail?
    • All courses, even P/F courses, will be automatically converted to P/NRC.
  • How does this grading policy impact the use of special grading like mandatory Credit/No Credit, mandatory Pass/Fail, Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, etc?
    • Courses that have a special grading will not use the P or NRC grades. They will continue to use the originally specified grading basis.
  • How do courses taken P/NCR affect the number of courses I can take P/F overall?
    • Courses taken P/NCR do not count towards the maximum of fourteen P/F credit hours that can be used toward College of Engineering degree requirements, or the number of P/F course elections per semester limitation.
  • How does U-M plan to handle Pass/NRC vs. unmasked grades for applications (e.g. cross campus transfers, grad school, PhD)?
    • All of our programs look at application materials holistically, and not just grades from a single semester. Nevertheless, we adopted the unmasking policy to give students the option to reveal their letter grades if they feel it’s necessary. Students have other means of indicating their readiness, including personal statements and recommendation letters, for example. It should be noted that students world-wide are in similar situations of having to take courses remotely, getting P/F grades in place of letter grades, and coping with the pandemic. Therefore, we do not anticipate that the P/NRC policy will have an adverse effect on students applying for opportunities after College.