Our community continues to adapt, innovate, and rise to the occasion in these very strange times. If you need a little inspiration, a little relief or just a reminder that we’re all in it together, you’ve come to the right place.

Tools for healthy habits


As part of the University community you have access to the SilverCloud, an interactive mental health portal that can help you sleep better and manage stress anxiety and depression.

Study tips

You know a thing or two about being a student – we get that. But if there was ever a time to lean into good study habits, this is it. Academic Innovations has some ideas to help you maintain your mo and a (pdf) guide to help you stay organized, change habits, stay connected and make the most of online and hybrid classes.

University Support

There are many resources on campus available to you, including support for health and wellness , advocacy and logistics, including:

Community Support

Clear Your Head