Engin Update: Research Re-engagement near complete

The College of Engineering’s weekly update aims to provide transparent and frequent information about how the College is operating, adapting and caring for its community. Updated information can always be found at the College’s COVID website. Questions and feedback can be submitted here



As research and other activities continue to ramp up, it is critical that those community members who feel they may be experiencing COVID-like symptoms or may have been exposed to a person who tested positive to COVID do not come into work. Supervisors and faculty PI’s should make every effort to foster an environment of safety, and make accommodations for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers or staff who believe they may be sick or at risk. 



Wave 3 of Research Re-engagement began the week of June 15, with the remaining College research labs opening. Re-engagement includes selected, non-COVID19 related bench research, and is being conducted in waves. Wave 3 included NCRC, Beyster, UMTRI and an increase of labs in existing open buildings. Information about the research re-engagement restrictions, limitations, expectations and future waves can be found on the Office of Research’s website



College buildings remain restricted to any individuals not approved for mission-critical activities or research. All individuals with approval must complete their COVID safety training in My Linc and follow all protocols, which include swiping into buildings with their Mcard. It is essential for us to maintain access to buildings, with each individual swiping into them. Please do not hold open doors or bring others into the building with you. Greeters from departments, divisions and units are assigned at various buildings entry points.



The College’s COVID Action Teams are  working with University, College and department leadership to plan for fall classes. This includes the Continuity of Education committee working with College departments and faculty representatives to assess classrooms, and the Return to Operations committee assessing staff needs for student and faculty support in partnership with unit and department leadership.