Getting Started with Kaltura

Kaltura Capture is a University-supported application that provides webcam and/or screen recording capability for making videos that can be published in Canvas. It is especially useful for remote instructors who need to make a recording on their computer, outside of the classroom. Using the software requires a Windows or Mac computer, and the instructor will need access to a microphone on their computer for voice recording. It is recommended that instructors install and test out the software early to ensure it is a good fit for their needs, and they don’t have any technical issues. 

These steps should help you quickly get started using the Kaltura Capture software. For more detailed instructions, refer to the video above, or the ITS Creating a Lecture Recording with Kaltura Capture for Delivery in Canvas document.

Make a Recording

  1. Log into Canvas, click the Account icon in the top-left, and choose My Media from the pop-out menu options:
  2. Click the blue Add New button, and choose Kaltura Capture:
  3. If you have previously installed the Kaltura Capture software, it should automatically launch the recording application. If not, click the download link for Windows or Mac, double-click the file to install, and then go back to step 1:
  4. You can now configure the video, audio, and screen recording options, and then create your recording.
  5. When finished, stop the recording, enter the title and description of your lecture (including the date, if necessary), and click Save and Upload.

After some processing time, the recording will appear in your My Media section in Canvas.

Publish Your Recording to a Canvas Site

In order for students to view your recording, it will need to be added to the Media Gallery section of your Canvas course site:

  1. Log into Canvas, navigate to your course site, and click Media Gallery in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click the blue + Add Media button in the upper-right corner of the page.
  3. On the following Add Media page, your recording(s) will appear under the My Media tab. Click the checkbox to the left of each recording you want to publish and be visible to your students:
  4. Then click the blue Publish button in the upper-right corner of the page, and the recording will be added to the Media Gallery section of your Canvas course site.
    Note that you may have to reload the Media Gallery page to see that the new recording has been added.

Additional Campus Resources

ITS provides additional documentation on using Kaltura and the Canvas Media Gallery: