ENGIN UPDATE: Canopy back on the Grove

The College of Engineering’s weekly update aims to provide transparent and frequent information about how the College is operating, caring for its community and planning for the future. 



U-M will be installing a canopy on the N. Campus Grove in early April to help maximize outdoor spaces for academics and community.



Last Tuesday (3/23) OSA coordinated “Groovin’ on the Grove” for graduate and undergraduate students still living in the area. The goal was to provide a safe and fun experience while recognizing the importance of wellness. Thanks to the efforts of the OSA staff and 18 volunteers from across the College, more than 700 students enjoyed games, food, yoga, dancing and more. See photos on Flickr



Please join Dean Gallimore in making testing a priority. He’s made getting a COVID test part of his weekly routine.

If you are coming to campus at least once a week, the College expects that you’re getting tested weekly through the Community Sampling and Tracking Program. Weekly testing is mandatory for all students on campus. Sign up for testing through two simple steps: register or update your information, and select a test time and date.


Dean Gallimore participates in the COVID-19 sampling and tracking program at the Pierpont Commons on March 17.2021