Winter 2020: A Term to Remember

Greetings, Team Michigan Engineering:

The end of the semester is upon us – although it hardly feels like it. There are no graduates in regalia taking pictures with parents, no bubbling Lurie fountain, and no students sleeping in the Dude between study sessions.

This end of the semester may feel uneventful. 

But it is far Continue Reading »

Stressbusters Call for Volunteers

Dear CoE Community,

As Dean Gallimore shared on Monday, we have had dozens of volunteers step up to join our first “Victory Garden” projects – volunteering to do work not usually in their job duties to serve areas of high need, or donating blood to serve the common good.  

At this time, we are in Continue Reading »

Research Labs – Safe Continued Operations

Dear Colleagues,

We understand and support encouraging remote work as much as possible. With that in mind, research operations will still continue, balancing the safety of our campus and continuity of research with CDC recommendations and guidance on social distancing.

Some of our research activities require constant monitoring and in-person intervention. Therefore, an important element Continue Reading »