Teaching Resources for Engineering Faculty

For Immediate Help:

  • Contact CAEN by opening a Live Chat session, or sending email to caen@umich.edu.
  • If you are in a College of Engineering classroom, press the "Report Problem" button. If you request "Immediate Help," someone will be dispatched to help you with your problem.

Recent Announcements

Dean Gallimore: We'll get through this together March 27, 2020 
Faculty: New policy on undergraduate grades March 20, 2020 
Lessons learned and additional remote teaching resources March 20, 2020 
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Alternative Grading Policy

Undergraduate: For this term only, all undergraduate courses will transition to an alternative final grade policy in which faculty members enter traditional letter grades, but students receive either "P" (Pass), or "NRC" (No Record Covid) on their permanent transcripts. More details about alternative grading.
Graduate: For this term only, all graduate students enrolled in College of Engineering programs will receive a grade of either “Satisfactory” (“S”) or “No Record Covid” (“NRC”) for coursework graded on the letter system. More details about grad student alternative grading

Remote Teaching Tools and Tips

Lessons Learned

We appreciate your work to transition from in-person teaching and learning to remote options. Some important things to note so far:

  • Consider changing course expectations during remote instruction. Moving to online instruction is a different experience. Take extra care to acknowledge this fact, make appropriate changes to your courses and explicitly state any new expectations in various locations in your course materials.
  • Digital delivery of pre-recorded lectures works best. This minimizes the impact of technology issues and allows flexibility to accommodate the schedules (and timezones) of both faculty and students.
  • Prepare now to move to remote recording of lectures. While we recognize that on-campus recording options give the best experience and range of tools, you should plan for the potential that campus buildings may close, and with very short notice. 
  • Advise your students if you are switching lecture platforms or if you begin recording lectures from home. They may notice sound quality issues and changes in the way they must access lectures, data, assignments, etc.
Check in with your students. Please check in with all of your students to ensure they are engaged and are able to access remote content. If they're having trouble accessing remote content, they can get personalized tech support at coe-remote-teaching@umich.edu. If they're having trouble staying on task, the CARE Center can provide personal support.

Ask our Experts

Nexus & CAEN Support

Nexus, the College's online and professional education program, is well qualified to support faculty with contingency plans for teaching online. Nexus can offer expertise for classes that involve remote students including capturing lectures, managing an online classroom, and monitoring exams. For a consulting session, contact NexusDesign@umich.edu.

To request further assistance or ask questions regarding any of the technology topics listed below, CAEN and Nexus consultants are available by contacting coe-remote-teaching@umich.edu. You can also check with your departmental IT support staff to determine what options are recommended for best practices.

Remote Access to CAEN Lab Services

CAEN provides Engineering students and faculty with remote access to software and online file storage via two main services to support instructional and course-related work. The Windows Remote Desktop Service grants off-campus access to the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) for Windows, and the Linux Login Service provides access to the CLSE for Linux. Both services include access to online file storage, which can be accessed via direct network connection from a personal computer.

Note that some software applications may not be accessible from off-campus locations due to vendor licensing restrictions, and certain methods of connecting to online file storage may require use of the U-M VPN service.

Setting up MCommunity Groups for Courses

Keeping your students informed requires establishing and maintaining consistent means of communication. Instructors can easily create MCommunity groups for their U-M courses, where the memberships are automatically synced with the course roster (including students and instructors). The MCommunity group can be used to send email to the registered students, and since they are also synced with corresponding Google groups, they provide a convenient way to share materials in Google Drive.

Additional Campus Resources

Other units around the University offer their own recommendations for teaching remotely, and can be useful references for College of Engineering faculty: